Featured App

1. Game of Knowledge, Memory and Speed
2. Test your Knowledge about Multiple Subjects (e.g., Mathematics, Science, Pop Culture)
3. Learn New and Interesting Facts
4. Prepare for School Tests
(e.g.,School Tests,SAT,ACT)
5. Improve your Memory by remembering facts
6. Increase Focus and Concentration
(20 secs to answer a question or the game ends)
7. Learn from questions added by your peers
8. Have fun while learning

Android Applications

Instant Research Reports
HyperLink Instantly research and create papers on Science, Math and Technology for school

Instant Booklet
HyperLink Instantly create ScrapBooks, Story Albums, School Records, Collage & Memoirs

Best of Astronomy
HyperLink Best videos, books, articles on astronomy along with option to add your ideas

Best of Bollywood
HyperLink Hit Bollywood movies, celebrity stars,emotional drama,shows,beauty contests